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The City of Manningham, located twelve kilometres east of Melbourne's Central Business District, engaged Metropolis in early-2008 to provide a metering solution for its Residential Solar Electricity Program, which assisted residents purchase solar panels and access the Federal Government’s Photovoltaic Rebate Program.

For Metropolis the scope of the project was to provide a metering solution that allowed residents to see how much electricity is produced by their solar generation systems as well as measuring the each kilowatt-hour of electricity exported to and imported from the grid.

Metropolis devised a low cost solution that measures the amount of electricity produced from the inverter in half-hour intervals.  This information is stored in and collected from the smart meter that also measures the thirty-minute kilowatt-hour import & export values.

Metropolis provided Manningham residential customers with the first on line data access service available in Australia.  The service has been available since 2008 and continues to this day.

Manningham Solar residents were the first in Australia able to see exactly how much electricity their systems produce and at what times of the day. 

Unlike bi-directional metering alone, they are also able to see how much electricity is consumed in the home each half-hour, how much of that electricity is contributed from the grid and how much is solar, and how much solar is exported to the grid.


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